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Hyde Park has many opportunities for you to deepen your relationship with God and your community. Join our Sunday School classes for all ages or our weekday Bible studies in both the morning and evening - Hyde Park has something to accommodate all needs and schedules. 


Want to strengthen your marriage, or maybe just work through a couple of issues? The marriage class focuses on helping you and your spouse develop or reinforce a healthy relationship. Classes are forming ~ call for more information.


On the grounds behind Hyde Park, we've constructed raised garden plots, where families and individuals can grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Organized by Molly Costigan of local nonprofit, Sustainable Food Center, the garden is a place of fellowship, meditation and nourishment - both physical and spiritual. Email for additional information.


Whether you're an experienced hand or a greenhorn, this class is full of tips on how to help your child blossom. There's much discussion of different parenting strategies for different situations. The ARK Program, Adults Relating to Kids, is based on the practice of unconditional love and is sure to provide some good ideas and support for all the trials and triumphs of raising a child.


This class meets with the intentional goal of exploring and expanding our spiritual lives. Understanding that we are called to love God - and each other - with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, we seek to be in balance - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Topics change throughout the year.  

Divorce Care is a ministry dedicated to those who are dealing with the trauma and pain of divorce.  Through a series of 13 sessions, participants acknowledge and grieve the loss of a relationship and deal with issues such as anger, depression, loneliness and forgiveness.  This support group meets once and week and is offered at various times throughout the year.


Adjacent to Hyde Park Community Garden is a stone labyrinth which church members and neighbors are encouraged to use for reflective time. For almost a thousand years, there has been an identifiable Christian labyrinth tradition, helping us to grow spiritually, and find inner peace.


Learn more about the spiritual practice of Labrynth walking here. 

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